Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.
     I live on the New South Wales Central Coast, a place I find great for inspiration, but also an easy place to be distracted from my work.
     I began reading science fiction while still at school but quickly progressed to fantasy. While I often read other genres, it is fantasy that grabs and holds my imagination. Where else can a person discover new worlds, meet stange and unique beings and have adventures beyond their wildest dreams. I enjoy television and films, but there is something special about a book, its feel and smell, and the way it can capture and transport you to that place inside yourself where you are the hero.     
     As a youth, I had my first venture into the world of writing. The result was a bin full of paper and a disappointed would-be writer. 

     But recently, my life changed. I needed to find something different and returned to my stories.

     The Saga of The Society, grew from idle thoughts and has developed into my first series. Let me know if you enjoy it.