Xavier has used The Society and its ideals to seize control of the western realms. Now he is looking east towards Frith, the hub of commerce in the southern kingdoms. But The Society’s belief that man must reign supreme over the lesser races leads them to encourage King Xavier to turn his armies north and destroy the auchs.

Queen Fittoreah of Frith prepares to defend her lands calling on the other kingdoms to join her in a stand against Xavier while Ortalia, a defeated empire though under the rule of Xavier continues to resist the ways and teachings of The Society.

In the north the auchs are gathering to prepare for a war predicted by the prophet Afi while Camille knows she must support the auchs in their fight against her people. And the little witch’s powers are growing stronger every day.

Behind all the troubles of the world lies the secret of the lost magic.

Xavier has scoured his kingdoms for able-bodied fighting men but where will he send them?
The Hopes Of Kings

The silence before the storm for the realm is thickening and the black and white banners of The Society are flying higher than ever.  

The exciting sequel to Hidden Enemies
     Camille has just turned fourteen and is out collecting herbs for her mother when the angry mob attacks. She watches form the bushes as her mother is burned at the stake and her home destroyed and flees when she hears that they plan the same fate for her. Camille’s flight takes her north, towards the mountains her mother has spoken of, chased by Xavier and his men.