The Hopes of Kings

RELEASED November 2016 396 Pages

Xavier and Beth now rule Arenia while Camille and her new friend, the auch Aiyu, are uniting the auch nation against the threat of the humans. The silence before the storm for the realm is thickening and the black and white banners of The Society are flying higher than ever.​​
The Hopes Of Kings


The day dawned clear and fresh, and the soft breeze coming through the window brought with it the sounds and smells of the city. The sweet scent of streets littered with rubbish dressed with the delicate odour of emptied chamber pots assaulted his senses, while inside, the early sun speared through the window to dance on the air in the room. The clumping of horses walking along compacted earth, the rattle of wooden wheels on cobblestones and the smoke of cooking fires being stoked for morning meals all helped rouse Xavier from his slumber.

He lay in his bed, taking in the feeling of the new day and enjoying the peace that had recently found him. In all his life he had never been so happy. Thoughts of his childhood, being beaten by his drunken father, bullied by his brothers and running away to a life on the streets, came briefly back to him. But he had found he could dismiss these memories easily these days. Becoming king had helped.

He rolled over and his eyes took in the smooth lines of Beth lying still beside him, her breathing slow and steady. He drank in the sight of her sleeping shape for a few minutes before slipping quietly from the bed and rinsing his face in the white jug and bowl that waited on the dark wood table. Having refreshed himself, he walked to the window to enjoy the view out over Whitebridge.

But his peace had not always been so perfect. After leaving Redhill the age of twelve he had been forced to live by his wits, surviving on the streets and stealing in order to eat. That was until he met Jaimz and, through him, The Society.

Clem Gorman – Author and Retired Writing Lecturer wrote : You create a real feeling of being there with a believable narrative and attention to details.

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